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Introducing FindaRemoteJob.com

Find a Remote Job

The website (and service) is still very much in development mode, but I'm excited to announce that the budding resource for future remote workers FindaRemoteJob.com is now live! Half America's workers already telecommute at least once a week and the rest of the world is catching up quickly. Strangely enough, there's really not much available to help someone interested in ditching their commute and going remote.

I actually noticed this many years ago and decided it was time someone did something about it. To remedy the situation, I dedicated many days and nights brainstorming some of the most clever and engaging names possible. The matching urls were obviously already in use...so I quickly grabbed FindaRemoteJob.com instead. Then, I immediately launched a two year campaign to entirely ignore the concept. Fast forward to 2016. I found myself in a strange position with various clients from around the world, all needing help locating qualified SEO pros, account managers, photographers, and designers for marketing projects. The only option...you guessed it, ignore it for at least another year while recruiting specialty marketers and creatives for clients. LinkedIn will eventually figure it out, right?

So here we are, February 28th 2019. After spending a few months tinkering with code and hiring world-renown designers to create and test the logo with research groups (kidding, I did it in 30 minutes), Find a Remote Job is now live. LinkedIn did eventually figure it out (discussed more in 'Going Remote' post) by adding a "remote" option to their job search, but finding the job is only part of the...umm, job. Remote job seekers now compete against a global talent pool. Time zones do still occasionally matter (depending on the job), but I think it is finally safe to say that talent officially trumps location for most remote opportunities.

I've said too much already, but I hope you'll enjoy this latest "Gigantic Venture" as it grows to become a useful resource in the coming years. All future remote opportunities that I come across will be found in the Find a Remote Job newsletter, and many will be featured on the website. Thanks for visiting and don't forget to follow Find a Remote Job on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.



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