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How many hashtags should I use on Instagram? #WhatWorksBest

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

You've likely wondered how many hashtags to use on Instagram for maximum reach and engagement, and the answer really depends on who you believe. As mentioned by Monique in a recent post for Later, Instagram now recommends using 3-5 hashtags. Of course, the team at Later (and yours truly) have seen posts with 20-25 range tend to work best for reach. Posts using the maximum 30 hashtags seem to do better with engagement, which you'll remember includes likes and comments.

Instagram - How Many Hashtags

It isn't surprising that Instagram would prefer fewer hashtags to ensure that content is getting indexed properly, but based on comments in Instagram's Creators post, marketers are taking it with a grain of salt. We were told to shoot for up to 15 hashtags earlier in the year, but few were willing to make the move until actual results fell in line with Insta's recommendations. As it stands, we're all still seeing better numbers with dozens of hashtags.

My takeaway...don't stop experimenting with various hashtag strategies, keep you eyes on your stats, and expect the algorithm to shift. One tip I find myself sharing with clients regularly is to worry less about totals, and instead focus on using hashtags that your customers would actually use to find you. High engagement is meaningless in the long run if you're reaching the wrong people because they won't care about your products or services.

(Image thanks to Alexander Shatov)

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