Gigantic Ventures LLC ("Gigantic") helps  specialty food and niche lifestyle brands grow by developing and executing modern, scalable marketing plans. When appropriate, Jason (Gigantic's Founder) recruits and manages entire teams to execute custom campaigns.

We aren't currently taking new clients, but please contact us to learn more about working together this Fall or Winter. 

Q & A with
Jason Baxter, Principal

What do you do?

I help specialty brands grow by taking deep-dives into their markets. After learning about an organization's niche industry and positioning within the market, I'll conduct a brand audit to:

(a) fully identify and understand your customers, and

(b) determine how your marketing team (and business as a whole) should focus resources to meet goals.

Marketing Services - Image by Eduardo Gorghetto
Marketing Agency - Chiropracter and Patient

Are you a "full service" marketing agency?

No. Full-service agencies tend to take-on every possible service, despite their teams' abilities or expertise. Like bad chiropractors, you'll go to full-service agencies for life, because you'll never be healed or learn anything about marketing along the way.


Instead, I help specific-sized clients (see below) from targeted industries. They're either expecting rapid growth, or feel they've lost their way after enjoying some form of success. I help them prepare for change, re-establish innovative thinking, and regain focus on their customers. This typically comes in two forms:


  • Planning for Growth: You may have hit a growth wall, or perhaps you're finally gaining traction and feel unprepared for the future. In both cases, strategy is the antidote. I can help you dial-in pricing, packaging, digital strategy, target market(s), and the team needed to get where you want to be. The "deliverable" will be a scalable marketing plan, helping you prioritize your goals and make improvements over time within the established budget. 


  • Recruiting: If talent is your issue, I can likely help. I've recruited, hired, and managed specialty marketers and creatives throughout North and South America, EMEA, and APAC. I can help you determine the skills and budget needed to bring-on the right person for the job. The "deliverables" in this case would be a combination of an appropriate job description, and talented job seekers lined-up for interviews. 

Who are your clients?

They're typically specialty food, travel, and lifestyle brands ($2M+). I also work with much larger agencies, tech companies, and not-for-profit organizations to help build more efficient marketing teams as they grow or pivot to offer new products/services.


You don't see a rolodex of companies and projects because we're in the business of helping clients succeed, not taking credit for their achievements. Of course, references can be provided where we'll take credit for everything we'll show you. Kidding. 

Marketing Clients - Image by Andrew Thornebrooke