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The sun sets in an orange sky behind the dark blue Pacific ocean waves.

You need more than products and sales need a strategic marketing plan, a relevant brand, and a capable team. Let Gigantic help you connect the dots and scale. 


Gigantic Ventures LLC ("Gigantic") is based in far Northern California, where Bigfoot roams, craft beer rules, and kinetic sculptures are sacrificed to the raging Pacific Ocean. Founder, Jason Baxter and his network of sales and marketing specialists help brands grow by developing and executing modern, scalable marketing plans. When appropriate, Jason acts as clients' Marketing Executive while recruiting talent and managing entire teams to execute custom campaigns. 

Introducing our Marketing Agency

Gigantic's Services



Most projects begin by conducting an audit to measure the current competitive landscape, review your existing sales and marketing collateral, and examine your target market(s). These shift regularly due to outside forces (new competitors, technology, the economy) and should be reviewed regularly to ensure resources are invested wisely. 


Plan Your Growth

Your scalable 2-3 Year Strategic Marketing Plan will be designed with your team and anticipated budget(s) in mind. What good is a plan that can't be executed? Campaigns within your plan are based on Gigantic's market research and your team's collective input to ensure you're given a realistic roadmap for growth.



Despite what you hear, branding goes far beyond visual identity, logos, and packaging. Gigantic will help you refine your special sauce to ensure you are able to differentiate in your space as a relevant brand to predetermined target markets. You can't succeed by attempting to appeal to us on this.



Gigantic recruits, hires, and manages specialty marketers, sales professionals, creatives, and techies of all kinds throughout the Americas, EMEA, and APAC. Whether you need your first full-time marketer, or you're in need of a top Amazon consultant to boost revenue, Gigantic can help. Recruiting costs are always flat fee agreements based on finding talent...never based on a percentage of salary.

Jason is a rare combination of a highly creative strategic thinker who can also get things done. Jason has transformed the marketing and branding efforts of the organizations that he has worked with. I highly recommend Jason if you are seeking to make intelligent and impactful changes to your organization.”

Chris Gaines
Professor of Business, President Flatiron Ventures Group


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