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seeking transactions...with no plan whatsoever.

Without a plan, your team is "Farketing." Farketing is an ugly word for the ugly practice of faux marketing...going through the motions (advertising, events, PR, digital) without strategy or procedures for measuring performance. It kills businesses because they're never sure when investments are truly successful, making marketing teams unable to double-down on high-performing campaigns. Worse yet, they're never sure when they're wasting valuable resources.


making human connections.

Your customers are human beings. Nearly all decisions made by humans, including purchasing, are based on emotions (not logic). Brands that connect with their target market(s) on a human-level can often earn customers for life. That said, your brand needs to be dripping with humanity before you'll be able to build a loyal customer base to sustain and grow the business. Here are a few questions to ask yourself for a quick audit:

  • Do potential customers see the history, place, or people behind the product on your packaging or communications? 

  • What's your brand's mission? In other words, why do you exist beyond making and attempting to sell your particular type of widget? Your mission, as simple as it may be, will help you differentiate your brand and find your target market.   ​

  • Does your team have a scalable (and actionable) marketing plan to follow, aligned with other teams' goals? It should be designed to build the brand, increase marketshare, and grow profits. If not, you're farketing.

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