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About Gigantic Ventures Marketing

Gigantic Ventures LLC is based in far Northern California, where Bigfoot roams, craft beer rules, and kinetic sculptures are sacrificed to the raging Pacific Ocean. Founder, Jason Baxter and his network of marketing specialists help specialty food and niche lifestyle brands grow by developing and executing modern, scalable marketing plans. When appropriate, Gigantic recruits and manages entire teams to execute custom campaigns.


Marketing Services

Helping You Connect with Your Target Market


START-UPS (Under $2M)

Gain Traction

  • Services for start-ups typically include working with CEOs/Founders to help them determine (through marketing research), how their unique product/service should be positioned to appeal to their individual target markets.

  • We help you create an appropriate brand strategy along with a brand identity (visuals) to match. Your  name, logos, packaging, websites, B2B presentations and other forms of messaging create expectations in the market. Gigantic can help you get this right from the beginning to ensure your brand appears professional when pitching to B2B customers, potential investors, and your first customers.

  • A scalable marketing plan is created, allowing the business to prepare to enter the market, establish distribution, grow sales, and position the team to grow the brand in phases over time.

GROWTH ($2M-$10M)


Increase Market Share

  • Some companies find themselves operating on inertia alone, endlessly chasing and measuring transactions. Without (at the very least) a short-term two-to-three year plan, it can be difficult to point sales and marketing teams in the same direction. Gigantic can help create a realistic plan, flexible enough to adapt to changes in the market over time.

  • Marketing teams are now challenged with developing strategic, brand-appropriate content (social media content, video, email marketing content, web content, etc) able to engage customers. Few teams, on the other hand, have the time, budget, or experience needed to manage these essential tasks.

  • Clients often have short-term attempts to meet desired sales goals (advertising, etc.), but eventually find they've been operating without a sustainable plan, fully formed marketing team, or realistic budget. Not only can Gigantic help identify opportunities within niche markets, but we can usually help fill the talent gaps to ensure you execute. 



Building Teams

  • If your small business or organization has a known brand with national distribution, you likely have a strong executive team and a firm plan for expansion. Gigantic's clients in this segment tend to need support:

    • finding specialized talent (digital marketers, creative / art directors, content development, SEO professionals, Amazon and Shopify specialists, and other specialty sales and marketing roles) needed to execute campaigns

    • building marketing teams after moving campaigns from outside agencies in-house

    • developing unique campaigns, partnerships, and new events to better engage their changing customer base.

    • creating social media marketing strategies and managing targeted social campaigns

    • utilization of data-tracking tools and analytics for social strategy improvement



Gigantic's Principal, Jason Baxter (LinkedIn) is based in Humboldt County's hub of Eureka, in far Northern California. From scrappy software startups to $3B global food companies, Jason has held Director-level roles for companies of all sizes and budgets. He specializes in helping clients scale-up by developing executable marketing campaigns, building efficient teams, and injecting a little "tally-ho" to every brand he touches.



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Gigantic Ventures offers marketing consulting, brand strategy, communications, design, and social media management services. We also provide recruiting services for those in need of full-time marketing and creative teams, and management of part-time teams for special projects.

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