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 Q&A with Gigantic's Principal

 Jason Baxter

The edge of the water from the ocean reflects orange from the sunset in Humboldt County, Ca.

Q1: How can you help my business?

I help founders, CEOs, EDs, and Marketing Directors with branding, strategic marketing, and recruiting. With over 20 years of experience in marketing and entrepreneurship, I help clients in specialty foods, tech, travel, and lifestyle create scaleable marketing plans, build efficient teams, and forge partnerships with likeminded brands. (see below)

Q2: Are you a "full service" marketing agency?

Definitely not. Full-service agencies typically take-on every billable project they see, despite their team's abilities or expertise. They'll bring-on "hired guns" like myself to tackle projects and work-in hefty pads in your invoices to cover it. You'll go to full-service agencies for life, because you'll never build your own relationships with specialists making your business dependent on expensive freelancers.


Instead, I help small clients (typically $2M-$50M) solve growth challenges.They're either (a) expecting rapid growth that they aren't prepared for, (b) feel they've lost their way after enjoying some form of success, or (c) they're preparing for an exit and are in need of support. I help executive teams prepare for change, re-establish innovative thinking, and regain focus to help meet goals. Gigantic's four main services include:


  • Planning for Growth: You may have hit a growth wall, or perhaps you're finally gaining traction and feel unprepared for the future. In both cases, strategy is the antidote. I can help you dial-in pricing, packaging, digital strategy, target market(s), and the team needed to get where you want to be. The "deliverable" in most cases will be a scalable growth plan, helping you prioritize your goals and make improvements over time within the established budget. 


  • Recruiting: If talent is your issue, I can likely help. I've recruited, hired, and managed specialty marketers, sales professionals, techies, and creatives throughout North and South America, EMEA, and APAC. I can help you determine the skills and realistic budget needed to bring-on the right person for the job. The "deliverables" in this case would be a combination of an appropriate job description, and talented job seekers lined-up for interviews. I don't charge a percent of the candidate's salary because that creates and incentive to recruit high-cost talent. Instead, Gigantic's payment structure is based on providing a pre-determined number of qualified jobseekers for you to interview at a flat rate. 

  • Incorporating Specialists: Like agencies, I introduce specialists (if necessary) to help you meet your goals. Unlike large agencies, I don't stand between you and your experts. You maintain your own relationships with those important to your continued success (Amazon Experts, Sales Consultants, Programmers, Designers, etc.) and they bill you direct. Gigantic doesn't take referral fees from specialists because those costs would ultimately pass on to you through your newly hired specialists. 

  • Preparing for an Exit: You'll hear this from everyone (because it is true), but you should begin preparing your financials and polishing your brand a few years before you plan to sell. You're on your own with the financials, but I can certainly help you increase your valuation by helping you grow sales and build a relevant brand. Few suitors are interested in paying top dollar for a failing company with no direction. Show that you've done the hard work and that your brand has growth potential.

Jason has worked with us on several internal projects and has been a great representative of our agency when required. He can see the big picture and identify the steps that are required to achieve success. It is a pleasure working with him.

Maria Sztarovics
Marketing Agency Owner, Czech Republic

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