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Share the Love...and Increase Sales

It's almost Valentine's Day, so I thought it would be appropriate to highlight a marketing tip I find myself repeating regularly with new clients...share the love! It might seem like an obvious concept to highlight the retailers and customers that support you, but a lot of you simply don't do it. Unless you're a marketing consultant sworn to keep clients confidential (like yours truly), we should see a lot of love in your content and not a lot of you, talking about yourself. 

Social Media Audit: Take a moment to look through your last 12 posts and count how many times you've:

(a) featured a retail partner and their staff - preferably tagging them in the photo and including their handle in the copy to share views

(b) thanked/acknowledged a customer by reposting their content which mentions your products/services

(c) honored one of your employees in a post

Well, how did you do? If you dedicated four or more posts to those keeping you in business, great work! You're likely leading your category with followers and engagement, not to mention sales.

If you have less than three posts sharing the love, this would be a good time to have a little 'heart to heart' with your social media team. While you're at it, review your top competition's feed as a group to see how they do in a similar audit.

Happy Valentine's Day!


(📷 🖤 goes out to Kelly Sikkema!)

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