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The CMO Podcast - Feature

Jim Stengel is the former CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) of Procter & Gamble turned entrepreneur. Unlike most marketing-related podcasts, Jim's interviews on The CMO Podcast go beyond standard lessons learned in marketing and unearth what it is like to hold the CMO role in various industries.

Jim Stengel, host of The CMO Podcast

In this episode of The CMO Podcast, Jim meets with Taylor Berry, VP of Brand Marketing at Austin-based Tito's Handmade to learn about the growth of the best-selling vodka brand in the US and Taylor's first role on the client-side as a major brand's CMO.

Jason's Notes >>

Spend some time on Tito's story page to see how they share the company's history, and don't forget to click on the various causes backed by the brand - "Vodka for Dog People", "Block to Block", and "Disaster Relief".

- Image Thanks to Gallery Media Group Originals

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